Monday, September 14, 2015

Day 9 in Tonga - More beauty and great food!

The Piataus returned to Tongatapu on Monday morning.   We stayed for two more days to continue to work with members in the Family History Center.  We found the internet there to be EXTREMELY slow and it cut out all together mid-day Monday right at a key point when Elder Bennett was helping a bishop work on his 15 in 15.  It eventually came back up, but by then the man had to leave.  That was frustrating.

However, we kept plugging along, learning lessons in patience, and we were able to help both the FHC director and his wife identify family names for the temple.  We also helped others work on entering their family names into FamilySearch to complete their 15 in 15.


We finally closed up shop about 2:00 PM.  The director kindly took time to take us for a drive to show us a bit more of the island beauty.   We had originally planned to go to a high point where you could see the whole island, but it had started to rain pretty hard and we were on a dirt road that quickly turned to serious mud.  Not wanting to get stuck out in the bush in the rain, we opted to turn back.  Before long the rain let up so we went to a couple lovely beaches instead.

We thought this rock looked a lot like the shape of IDAHO!

Our dear friend,
Fele'ave Talivakaola

For our last night on Vava'u we went out to dinner at the Mango Cafe.  I had the absolute BEST tomatoe soup I had ever tasted and we both got one of the fish specials.  It was an amazing meal with great service.  We felt good about all we had accomplished and were ready to get that part of our journey wrapped up.

Chef Kieta Hausia really knows his stuff!  If you are ever in Vava'u, you MUST eat here!

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