Friday, September 11, 2015

Day 6 in Tonga - Vava'u

On Friday we flew to the outer island of Vava’u.  It is about an hour long flight in a small plane that seats 19.


We picked up our rental car and headed into town. The Piataus had made arrangements for us to have housing at the church campus next to the high school.   I was excited to see another bathtub!


The Piataus had come over on an earlier flight.  They met us at the house and made sure we were settled in ok.  Brother Piatau had meetings with the S&I department, so he headed out.  Sister Piatau remained with us as guide. We went to a market to get a few groceries for our time there. We then dropped Sister Piatau off at the house where they were staying, which was not on the campus.  As we proceeded to go back to our place, we got caught up in a parade!   

Apparently the Tongan people take their Rugby very seriously.  People had come out to celebrate the impending World Cup games which the Tongan team is playing in along with other teams from all over the world.  Of course, at the time, we did not know this.  All we knew was that we were trapped at an intersection as tractors, trucks, cars and buses decked out in palm fronds, banners and streamers went by in loud procession with folks dancing, singing and celebrating something we didn’t understand.  It was quite a site.

Eventually the road cleared and we made it back to our little house on the campus.  After all that excitement, the flight over, and the days of busy trainings we were a little scattered, so we took a much needed rest before our 2PM training.

Our first training on Vava’u was at the Neiafu North FHC with leaders from Ha’alaufuli 2.  The presentation went well and afterward we spent time in the FHC.  We found the internet to be quite slow, but the FHC was well equipped and neat as a pin.

After the training we went for a walk to get some exercise and clear our minds before starting all over again.  We came back about 5:30 to get ready for the evening training which had a few of the same consultants attending, but also others who had not been available earlier, as well as stake leaders.  The group provided a meal for us, a lovely spread of fish, chicken and salad made from tarro greens.  It gave us the energy we needed to keep going.  We had a very positive training that night.

When the day finally ended, we headed back to campus where we slept like logs until 5AM when the barking dogs, crowing roosters and loud church bells called for a new day.

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