Friday, September 4, 2015

Northshore SeniorNet - Blogging Class

We were invited back to to present again to our good friends at the Northshore SeniorNet group. We very much enjoyed meeting with them last June when we came to talk about FamilySearch. This time I did a presentation on blogging and how it can be used as an alternate means of telling one's own personal history stories or to record family history. I showed them some of the family history blogs I have created over the years:
               Spirit of Elijah - basic research lessons and tools
               Pile o' Pendleys - My Father's family
               Krebs / Kurtz Connections - My Mother's family
               Remembering Fred - Larry's dad's stories and photos

Then I took them through the steps for how to create a blog and answered questions they had about best practice for sharing family information. They were a great group to teach - very attentive and engaged. Many of these folks are working on compiling books about their family heritage with the intention of self publishing them.  They were interested to know that they had an alternate option for sharing all their careful research that could be done with no cost.

I enjoy chances like this to get out into the community to teach. When we return home after this mission is over I want to keep looking for ways to do things like this.  I doubt very seriously that I will ever return to the academic world.  I have no interest in going back to the demands of crafting exams and grading essays.  Twenty years of that was more than enough.  But the interactive part of  teaching is something that is every bit as important to me as making music is to my guitar playing brother.  In one form or another, whether through one-on-one mentoring or leading a group, teaching is something I love doing and  hope to be able to continue as long as I live.

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