Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Day 4 in Tonga - Win some, Lose some

On Wednesday, we were up with the roosters before the sun came up and on the road again  by 8AM.  We drove for an hour to get to the East side of the island.   We were disappointed that hardly anyone showed up for that training.   It had been announced and reminders given.   For whatever reason, that training was not supported so we skipped the presentation and went straight to the Family History center to help as much as we could with the few leaders there.


We had better luck with the second training which was at Mu’a stake for their 1st and 2nd wards.  This training was a good reminder to us that we never really know the impact we will have on those we teach.  Also it made us reflect on how we evaluate whether any given training was "successful" or not.

When we walked into the Family History Center we were surprised to see a picture of ourselves from our last visit displayed on their bulletin board.  Several people from that area remembered us well and were very excited that we were coming back.  We spent a fair amount of time just helping people get new accounts or retrieve lost passwords. While we were only able to get one leader to submit a name for temple work, it was very clear that several of the people we worked with that day felt motivated and encouraged by our time together.  We also trained the consultants in how to use the LiveChat function in the Get Help section of FamilySearch.


As we left, the children all made a big deal of getting to wave goodbye to Palangie people (whites), being very excited to see foreign visitors in their small rural village.

That evening we went to a session at the temple to charge up our spiritual batteries to carry us through the week.  The session was in the Tongan language, but they provided headsets for us to be able to hear it in English.

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